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Ibadat-e-Aman, The Amphitheater, IHC, New Delhi, March 18, 2017 Part I

Ibadat-e-Aman, The Amphitheater, IHC, New Delhi, March 18, 2017 Part II

Summer 2015 News Letter

Editorial coverage being featured in Today's Traveller April 2015

British Council, India-UK, confers on Sandeep Silas its first-ever Award on Inter-Cultural Leadership

New Delhi - 28 February 2015 - Richard Everitt, Director Education & Society British Council conferred on Sandeep Silas the first-ever Award in Inter-Cultural Leadership at the India-UK Alumni Representatives Meeting at Shangri-La Hotel (Tapti 1st Floor), New Delhi, India.

Henceforth, Sandeep Silas is recognized as a Senior Practitioner in Inter-Cultural Leadership by the British Council, India-UK.

Sandeep had gone through an intensive training and judgement process lasting over two years beginning in 2012 and had participated in the Module A and B of British Council-MiDDLEGROUND UK programmes on Breakthrough Initiatives (BTI) at Dubai and later in the Systemic Leadership Programme (SLP) at London. His practice of leadership, professionally and in cultural engagements was proof of his competence and leadership.

He scored strongly in all 5 competencies and has been put forth as the first holder of this prestigious award. The British Council, UK judged Sandeep’s personality; work, both professionally and in Inter-Cultural leadership; and his achievements on the following scales:

  • Self Awareness
  • Enrolling Across Boundaries
  • Break Through Initiative (BTI)
  • Systems/Complexity
  • Spreading Leadership/Mentoring
- British Council, UK.

Sandeep’s work in Inter-Cultural Leadership has been recognized by civil society, both nationally and internationally. His writings, books and programmes have been creating harmony, inter-faith understanding and bridging cultural gaps. His Track II Diplomacy initiative of Ibadat-e-Aman (Worship of Peace) annual programme has brought the people of India and Pakistan closer in hearts. He relentlessly pursues global peace through his novel idea and concept of “Garland of Peace- Declare War Ruins As Peace Heritage Sites.”

His work in peace activism and giving leadership to civil society can be seen on his website:

DD NAtional - Coverage of Ibadat-e-Aman

Peace Bridge of music
Friday, November 21st, 2014

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

ICT Conclave, New Delhi 2014 - Keynote Address

Dance of the Desert...a confluence of music, poetry and dance!

The Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi September 12, 2014 Sarangi by maestro Kamal Sabri, Shayari by poet Sandeep Silas 'deep' and dances by Aditi Chauhan and Fadwa.

Dance of the Desert Photo Gallery, IHC, Sep 12, 2014

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Dance of the Desert Part-1, IHC, Sep 12, 2014

Dance of the Desert Part-2, IHC, Sep 12, 2014

Interview of Sandeep Silas from 15.00 minutes onwards at Music Release of Bollywood Film Khota Sikka.. Jaat Ke Thaat

Sada-e-Dilli Mushaira, India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi, April 13th 2014

Ambassador of Peace Award, January 14th 2014

Husan Ara Trust, India, conferred upon Sandeep Silas the "Ambassador of Peace Award" on Jan 14th 2014 at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi for his work on peace bridging between communities and nations.

Union Ministers Hon'ble K. Rehman Khan, Hon'ble Farooq Abdullah and Honb'le Oscar Fernandes jointly presented the award to Sandeep Silas. The day also marked the birthday celebrations of Prophet Mohammad.

December 2013 News Letter

Ibadat-e-Aman, November 6th 2013


Sandeep Silas: Why is this Indian railway officer approaching United Nations?

Zee Salaam with Sandeep Silas on October 2nd 2013

(Worship of Love), Music Album brought out by TIMES MUSIC- a peace bridge of music project by Sandeep Silas 'deep' (India) and Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan (Pakistan) !
Produced by Sandeep Silas.
Buy online at:
Corporate Orders can be placed at:
with a Cc to and

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"Basera" written by Sandeep Silas 'deep' sung by Somesh Mathur on February 1st 2013

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Ibadat-e-Aman, August 31st, 2012 at Mumbai

Alum Organizes Evening of Peacebuilding Through the Arts

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Give PEACE a chance

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Delegation from India’s Ministry of Labour Visits Long Beach Job Corps Center

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The Unlikely Peacenik (Click Here)

Sandeep Silas, ’08 MPA, Brings Indian and Pakistani Communities Together

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DD National Coverage of Ibadat-E-Aman

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Interview In Doordarshan

Indo-French Cultural Evening
April 19th 2011, Amphitheatre, IHC, New Delhi

April 3rd 2011, Adapt Auditorium, Mumbai

Straight from the heart

MPA ’08 Alumnus Sandeep Silas fuses cultures in New Delhi

Poetry Reading at IHC

"Garland of Peace"- Declaring War Ruins as Peace Heritage Sites ......

Mahatma Gandhi - On the right track

Mr Sandeep Silas, Private Secretary to the Minister for Labour and Employment; SRM University NCR campus, Modi Nagar (Uttar Pradesh)

Orchids and Faces - Photo exhibition by Sandeep Silas

Photo Exhibition by Sandeep Silas