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“Declare War Ruins as Peace Heritage Sites”

Peace of Wall

Eloisa Fontanelli


Dear Sandeep, we are sadly seeing these last days that war never ends. I give you all my support and keep me informed please. Today the only thing I can do is to send peace and love thoughts to Israel, Palestina and all the World.

November 19, 2012

Tony Page

United Kingdom

This vision and idea heritage peace sites is truly inspiring and also a practical reminder to all of us and future generations. Thanks Sandeep. Onward to the UN!

November 10, 2012

Linda Diane Russell


I fully support this project. Recent history has shown that the horrors and futility of war must never be forgotten if humanity is ever to to reaaly progress, and that it may be that we are reaching a century since the first "World War" began, yet numerous "off the map" wars are permanently waged all over the world and that too many industrial economies profit from them. At the same time many sites are also a testament to human courage and dignity.

November 6, 2012

colin jacobs

United Kingdom

I truly support Sandeep's vision and the use of iconic sites around the world.

November 6, 2012

Paresh Patel


I am happy to be part of world peace initiative. 

September 2, 2012

President, The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Surat

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