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Peace of Wall

Anoop Bose


November 12, 2011

My dear Sandeep,

It was a spectacular peace concert last evening! Your renditions of your own Urdu poetry literally transported one and all to a strange magical world of peace and tranquility.And Shafqat was,to say the least,absolutely fantastic! I was able to savour the beauty and majesty of most of gems Shafqat and you unfolded to us lesser beings living in a world passing through tumultous times. I am highly emboldened to share with you the fact that I am deeply immersed in Sufi music. Sufi music symbolises the unbreakable union with the Beloved, with God. Music is the vehicle to reach the heart and attain a state of grace or enlightenment, a stateless state of the inner knowledge. Sufism is, in its essence, the way of love. Love is considered to be a spiritual alchemy by means of which the baser qualities of a human being are transformed into higher ones. In this respect it suffices to say that the legendry Sufi poet and philosopher Hazrat Nizamuddin Awlia (better known as Mehboob-e-Elahi, the beloved of Allah and whose name was uttered last evening several times over) believed that the spiritual status of a beloved is much higher than that of a lover.His philosophy is metamorphosed in the following poem which displays the greatness of a loving heart and a deeply sympathetic soul :

"In Allah's garden you gather roses,

Being drunk with divine mysteries: Hazrat Mehboob-e-Elahi -- the beloved of Allah,

O, how I long for the attar of your company.


Come running to the end of Your street,

Tears are washing and washing my cheek.

Union with You -- what else can I seek?

My soul I surrender as Your name I repeat.”

Sangram Mohanty


Garland of Peace has not included the war memorial in Philippines,the biggest Japanese invasion in the second world war , which includes the famous POW Batan Death March where thousands perished.I can send you some pictures and informations if required.



Friday, September 30th 2011

Sandeep, What an extraordinarily beautiful concept which should come into existence as a prelude to a world government in times to come. While conflict is natural and inevitable , as is also explicitly elaborated in the epic, the Mahabharata, yet converting the conceptual "Garland of peace" into a real phenomenon will ensure that conflict will be seen , not through the lens of nations , divides and artificial walls, but through the lens of action, duty and righteousness . A world without borders and friction which should be the natural outcome of the "garland of peace" would enable mankind to work towards a better humanity, which is the ideal of public policy . Continue to pursue your ideas and dreams, Sandeep, and I hope they will become real. My very best wishes to you, Sumati

Stephanie Rugolo

United States of America

Sunday, June 12th 2011


I just checked out your website and it's a very ambitious, nice project. I tried to think of something to add, and I'm not sure it's on the right track, but it's the first thing that popped into my head after reading up on some WWII history recently: The Siege of Leningrad This was in WWII when the Germans invaded the USSR despite a treaty they had signed just before... The devastation on the city of Leningrad was the worst that had occurred up to that point on an industrialized city. Hope this helps the project.

Stephanie Rugulo, Syracuse University, New York.

amita shaw


great idea sandeep!i wish more people think about the meaning of peace like u do. the efforts u have made and the research that has gone into it is commendable. one has to be sensitive to these issues and this should become a movement then each one of us holding hands with love and peace can go around the globe making it a true garland of peace. good luck and God bless u for ur wonderful and most creative effort.

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