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“Declare War Ruins as Peace Heritage Sites”

Peace of Wall

Lakshmi Devi Faby


Namaste we met in Shimla's Church .... Bravo more later

Kamlaker Mishra


Effort to maintain peace is the challenge to wars!

December 1st, 2013.

Sumati Mehta


The article on the website is very positive. I think you have a great idea which needs to be pursued vigorously ... Please do it. It will succeed one day, and contribute to changing lives and destinies. Think of all the lives that will be saved, the families preserved , disabilities prevented, in addition to the wasteful expenditure diverted into more productive uses. All of this makes it a great dream to pursue with every breath, every step, and through all the obstacles that are inevitable given the lessons that we learn from history of war itself ! October 15th 2013 New Delhi.

Joelynn Kurz


I add my voice to those who stand for peace. If ever there are things from the past that we can learn from, than it is those where we made catastrophical mistakes, leading to loss of human life and to destroying parts of the only planet we have.Let us cherish life, it is precious and respect others right to life.

November 24, 2012

Carla Sosa y Avila


“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” ― Albert Einstein Many things have been happening in our world lately. Things that may make us believe that understanding between countries is unattainable.Nonetheless, there´s still hope and time to change the way things are. We belong to the same planet, the same race; we feel love, dissapointment, pain and joy. We can see the other on the mirror. Under our skins and their respective colours, there's mainly the same flesh and bone. Why can´t we believe that understanding is possible??? It´s just that: BELIEVE IT IS.

November 20, 2012

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